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via Domain Names
A plan to increase your company's reputation, 
the extent of your prestige and the development of new territories.
Via Domain Names
If you were a mortgage broker, how would feel if you could also be
It would mean that some customers come directly to that address.
It would mean that they don't come through search engines.
It would mean that they would not be distracted by your competitor's listings...
It would mean that you would not have to pay advertising for that traffic...

In Your Field of Business, What Domain Name Could Do Just That For You?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could be the owner? Or could work with it?

What If ...  I could help you acquire such a domain name?
... I could manage it for you?
make it work for you?

Follow Me Here For A Few Minutes and I Will Show You
Why This Is Worth Your Attention.

The Promises...
Search Engines
A must
but also a solution that encourages clicks!
  • Classified Ads: Limits of characters per line. It looks like newspaper ads from the years 1860 to 1990 !!! Does it help in your opinion?
  • Clicks : The ads are similar and lead to sites that are similar. Does it favor you?
  • ​2nd page: Less than 5% of Internet users visit this page. Why is the first page so short? Do you think that benefits you?
  • One aisle! It's a bit like having all the similar businesses in the same wing of a mall. It makes comparison easier and affects prices. Would you like to install yourself in the same wing as your competitors?
  • The Search Engine is competing with you ... More and more, the search engine promote its own shop and competes with you. What will it be next?
One Address, One Website...
  • Project a professional image. True.
  • Inform: Allows customers and your service to save time with information already available on the site. True. Always...?
  • Help : Allows customers to ask for and get help without speaking to anyone. True.
  • ​Is available : A showcase available 24h / day, 365 days / year. True.
  • Confusion
    Often, search engine advertisements direct visitors to the main page or a page with a lot of choices that distracts visitors from their original intent. Is this the best approach?

  • ​Brochure
    It is often like a beautiful brochure that does not guide the customer easily. Would you like your representatives to distribute brochures instead of responding to customers?

  • Principle of sale and service
    Focus on the customer's specific request or problem.

    Most websites are a cafeteria of choice. When you visit a site with the intention of buying a product or service, do you find all these distractions useful?
  • Department store
    Sometimes it feels like it's like a department store without a representative.

  • Is there anyone?
    A majority does not offer a live service (chat). ie No ¨receptionist¨ at the single head office online !!!
    Seen this way do you think it's a good idea?

  • ​One address
    It's economical. But no analysis of the opportunity to serve these various clienteles in a specific way has been realized. Yet in the real world, astronomical costs to open several locations can be justified.

    Do you know where this idea comes from that you only need one site?

Then More Promises...
Social Media
  • Reach:  The average organic reach of a page is 2.6%. This means that 97.4% of your fans will not see your posts. And Facebook reminds you to publish often ... Do you have a positive experience to date?
  • Video: the new Eldorado of the web: it's the future. Yet it is more demanding to produce for a company and for results it is often very disappointing. Are you in a hurry to add this task under these conditions?
  • Participation: the commitment rate has decreased. Some pages struggle to have 3% commitment! "But it's excellent 3%!" They say! Do you agree?
  • Instagram? Uh ... and what's next?
You are not alone.
80% do not know how to do it ...
16% go about it in an inconclusive way.
4% can boast.
The majority of companies have one site.
Leaders have many.

Who should you copy?
Who does it?
Here is a sample of a few companies and the additional websites they own. is the official website of Family Channel. Check out the schedule and find out more about your favourite shows.
Search MLS® new construction houses, condos, lofts or townhouses and connect with expert Real Estate Agents in Toronto, GTA, Ontario, Canada. A realtors Broker site.
Lightning provides business, residential and agricultural generators as backup power solutions to the greater Ottawa area. An Ottawa Generator Specialist.           
Chicken Farmers of Canada
Modolez Intrnational (Cadbury, Ritz, Nabisco, Philadelphi, Milka, Mikado, etc.)
Yellow Pages
Lesters Foods Limited
TD (Owned by a division of Berkshire Hataway (Warren Buffet)
Canadian Atlantic Lobster Inc.
MEGO, luxury travel accessories
Yellow Pages
Cadillac Fairview
Kruger Products
The majority of companies have one site. Leaders have many.
Who should you copy?
Distinguish Yourself From The Pack!
Use Your Meaninguful Domain Names To Do So!
This approach increases your company's reputation, 
the extent of your prestige and the development of new territories.
Would you be interested to find out more of what it can do for you? 
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