To Grow Your Business Name Reputation, Prestige, Territory.
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via Domain Names
If you were a mortgage broker, how would feel if you could also be
Via Domain Names
Did You Know That ...
The majority of businesses have only one site.
Most Famous brands have many.

Who should you copy? | | | ...
  • An Authoritative address carry competitive advantages: Credibility and Trust.
  • Overshadow An authority website will overshadow some of the the others in the same field.
  • Bypass means that visitors will bypass the search engines.
  • Benefit: Visitors bypassing search engines, bypass competitor's Ads.
  • Save on Advertising. (1) As much traffic for less. See the example below.  (2) Free traffic:
    The traffic coming back to a site you own: you don't pay for that traffic anymore.
Would You Like To Improve Your Advertising Cost.
(The First Two Listings Are Actual Ads On Google)‎
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The Result: Lower Cost/Customer Acquisition.
  • Lower Cost: No need to pay full price and be the first advertiser on Google. 
  • How many prospects looking for a Mortgage will not click on ?  ... Not many!
  • ​​Improved Focus: Deliver only one clear message to your best prospects.
  • ​Less clutter: Reduce the clutter of a typical website that has too many offers/services/products.
  • ​Less distractions: Your visitors will be less distracted, will not browse all over your website.
  • Improved conversion rate: Improve the whole customer process. 
You Can Do What You Want With This Additional Address.
Choose the focus that will mostly leverage your objectives.
  • Offer New Services.: To specific customers profiles/interests.
  • Test: A new product, service or market in a controlled environment.
  • New Territories: Develop a new territory with a unique proposition.
  • Raise Brand Awareness: Promote your Brand to a specific clientele.
  • Past or New Customer Offers: Make exclusive offers to past OR new customers.
  • Contest: Create and manage a contest.
  • Educate: Educate customers while promoting your brand.
  • Invitation: Send special invitations to a new category of customers.
  • New Products: Launch a new product.
  • New Markets: More easily enter a new market if you aren't already a participant.
  • Leads for your core business: Acquire leads through this domain name. 
  • Etc.
Here is a sample of a few leaders
and the additional websites they own.
Domain names and their owners           
Chicken Farmers of Canada
Modolez Intrnational (Cadbury, Ritz, Nabisco, Philadelphi, Milka, Mikado, etc.)
Yellow Pages
Family Channel
Realtors Broker
Lesters Foods Limited
TD (Owned by a division of Berkshire Hataway (Warren Buffet)
An Ottawa Generator Specialist
Canadian Atlantic Lobster Inc.
MEGO, luxury travel accessories
Yellow Pages
Cadillac Fairview
Kruger Products
The majority of businesses have only one site.
Most Leading Brands have many.

Who should you copy?
You haven't thought about it yourself before. Don't be ashamed.
Even some Major Brands missed it ...
Some must have serious regrets!
Watch the video for a sample of a missed opportunity.
Do you have a similar opportunity now?
Will you regret it in 3, 5 years when it is in used and you remember having thought about it...

You don't have to.

To Better Assess The Opportunity,
Do some homework.
  • Reputation: Will it grow your reputation? Reputation brings more customers.
  • New Business: How much leads, new business, could this additional traffic source brings?
  • ​​New Territory: New customer profiles, new geographic area or a new higher level of products and services. 
  • Cost: how many times the cost will it generate over the years?
    10X, 30X ... 100X? At 50X your acquisition cost is 2% of Revenue! at 200X it goes down to 0.5%!
  • ​*** Real Opportunity Cost: In addition, if it can be paid on a monthly basis, after how many months will it self-finance with the added revenue?
    What is your real opportunity cost then?
  • To Hiring a Sales Rep: To get more leads. How much leads can they generate? What is their salary cost?
  • An additional domain name: works for you FULL TIME! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It never get tired or frustrated by customers, colleges or difficult bosses. It doesn't take vacations, leaves of absence. You will not have to pay for a desk, a cellular or a coffee machine. It will not ask for any group insurance benefits and you won't have to pay various government for employees security benefits.
  • Leverage: It can leverage your reputation, brand awareness with your employees, partners, current customers and the market.
  • Positioning: It can distance yourself from competitors with that additional offer/service to your customers.
Need Help?
As a result of what we do (manage business names and domain names),
we increase business names reputation, prestige and territory.
Would you be interested to find out more of what we can do for you? 
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